The 6 Best Campgrounds Near Bend Oregon: Your Ultimate Guide

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Bend, Oregon is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, offering stunning landscapes, year-round recreation, and a vibrant community steeped in the spirit of adventure. For those looking to explore the natural beauty of Central Oregon, camping in the area is an unbeatable way to immerse yourself in the great outdoors.

With a myriad of campgrounds near Bend, it can be challenging to choose the best spot for your next adventure. In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of the top campgrounds in the Bend area that cater to a range of interests, from stunning scenery to convenient access to both natural and cultural attractions.

One noteworthy campground worth considering is the Elk Lake Campground, a small hillside gem situated on the picturesque Elk Lake. Renowned for its transparent waters and numerous hiking trails, the campground boasts both tent and RV sites, as well as day launch and boat launch facilities. Another highly recommended camping option is Tumalo State Park, which is conveniently located near Bend’s town center. Situated on the Deschutes River, this campground provides an ideal balance between outdoor fun and cultural immersion, offering easy access to both nature and Bend’s bustling urban life

For those in search of unparalleled natural beauty, Sparks Lake Campground is a must-visit destination. Often regarded as the most beautiful lake in Bend, Sparks Lake has a campground that showcases the awe-inspiring landscapes of this corner of Oregon. From tranquil lakeside views to dramatic mountain backdrops, you’ll find the perfect backdrop for your memorable camping experience at one of these exceptional Bend area campgrounds.

Kayaking at Sparks Lake

Camping Near Bend Oregon – Best Spots

Tumalo State Park Campground

Located just a few miles from Bend, Oregon; the Tumalo State Park Campground is a popular choice for campers. With beautiful views of the Cascade Mountains, this park is perfect for both tent and RV camping. Amenities include restrooms, showers, picnic areas, and nearby trails for hiking or biking. The park is situated along the Deschutes River, making it a great spot for fishing and swimming. There are also a few cabins available for those looking for a more comfortable stay.

Elk Lake Campground

Elk Lake Campground is a serene camping spot nestled within the Deschutes National Forest, near the base of Mt. Bachelor. This campground is ideal for the outdoor enthusiast, offering stunning views and easy access to nearby hiking trails and alpine lakes. With ample tent and RV sites, Elk Lake Campground is perfect for a relaxing getaway.

Paulina Lake Campground

Located within the Newberry National Volcanic Monument, Paulina Lake Campground offers a unique experience of camping near Bend, Oregon. The campsite provides numerous tent and RV sites within a natural setting, surrounded by pine forests and alpine lakes. Visitors can enjoy hiking, fishing, and birding in this pristine location, as well as exploring the volcanic features and nearby hot springs.

Cove Palisades State Park

View at Lake Billy Chinook

Cove Palisades State Park is a dream come true for outdoor recreation lovers, boasting a vast variety of activities to enjoy. Located near the junction of the Crooked River, Deschutes River, and Lake Billy Chinook, the park offers camping options for RVs, tents, and even yurts. With opportunities for hiking, horseback riding, boating, and fishing, this park offers something for everyone.

North Waldo Lake Campground

Chipmunk friend at Waldo Lake

Situated within the Deschutes National Forest, North Waldo Lake Campground offers a more rustic and secluded camping experience. Surrounded by old-growth forests, this campground provides access to one of the largest and purest alpine lakes in North America. Perfect for those looking to connect with nature, the campsite features tent, trailer, and RV sites, as well as hiking trails and access to mountain biking trails. Be sure to follow Leave No Trace principles to help protect this beautiful wilderness area.

Activities and Attractions Near Bend Campgrounds

Mountain Biking and Hiking Trails

Bend, Oregon is a paradise for family adventuring, offering a variety of mountain biking and hiking trails. The popular Deschutes River Trail provides a scenic route for bikers and hikers alike, while Smith Rock State Park is home to numerous trails with varying levels of difficulty. For those seeking a more challenging experience, the Phil’s Trail Complex features an extensive network of singletrack trails to explore.

Water Sports and Fishing

With several lakes and rivers in the area, water sports such as kayaking, canoeing, and paddleboarding are popular activities near Bend campgrounds. Elk Lake, known for its stunning transparent waters, offers a day launch and boat moorage facilities. Fishing enthusiasts can cast a line in the Little Deschutes River at Rosland Campground or enjoy a swim at one of the many lakeside campgrounds.

Skiing and Snowboarding

During the winter months, Mt. Bachelor is the go-to place for skiing and snowboarding near Bend. With its exceptional snowfall and diverse terrain, it’s an ideal destination for snow sports enthusiasts. There are various campgrounds in the area that can serve as a base camp for your winter adventures.

Rock Climbing and Bouldering

For those who are into rock climbing and bouldering, Smith Rock State Park offers a range of routes and climbing challenges for all skill levels. As a world-renowned climbing destination, the park attracts both amateurs and pros alike. Be sure to pack your climbing gear when visiting Bend campgrounds to take advantage of the fantastic climbing opportunities.

Wildlife and Birding

The natural beauty of the Bend area is also ideal for wildlife and birding enthusiasts. Many campgrounds, such as Rosland Campground, are located along riverbanks or lakeshores, providing ample opportunities to observe birds, beavers, and other wildlife in their natural habitat. Don’t forget to bring your binoculars and a field guide to identify the various species that call this region home.

Camping Tips and Leave No Trace Principles

Camping Gear and Stove Regulations

When camping near Bend, Oregon, it’s crucial to follow the Leave No Trace principles to minimize your impact on the environment. Regarding camping gear and stove regulations, campers should use fuel-efficient stoves instead of open campfires to reduce the risk of wildfires. Remember to check with the local authorities, such as the Forest Service, for any specific rules and regulations on stoves and campfires at your chosen campsite.

Pet-Friendly Guidelines

If you’re bringing your furry friends along, adhere to the pet-friendly guidelines at the campgrounds you choose. Many campgrounds near Bend, like Cultus Lake Campground, are pet-friendly. Here are some tips for responsible pet owners:

  • Keep your dog on a leash at all times
  • Pick up and properly dispose of pet waste
  • Don’t let your pets chase wildlife

Responsible Waste Disposal

Proper waste disposal is essential to maintain a clean campground and prevent pollution. Follow these guidelines:

  • Pack out any trash you generate
  • Utilize designated bathroom facilities or pack out human waste
  • Wash dishes and yourself at least 200 feet away from water sources, using biodegradable soap

Maintaining Natural Features and Wildlife

Preserving the natural features and wildlife near the campgrounds is essential for all campers. To minimize your impact:

  • Stick to established trails and camp on durable surfaces
  • Don’t remove rocks, plants, or other natural objects
  • Observe wildlife from a distance; do not feed or approach them

By following these camping tips and Leave No Trace principles, you’ll help ensure the beautiful campgrounds near Bend, Oregon, remain pristine for years to come.


Bend, Oregon, with its diverse landscapes and abundant recreational opportunities, truly serves as a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you seek the thrill of water sports, the serenity of wildlife watching, or the exhilaration of hiking or biking the scenic trails, Bend’s campgrounds provide an unparalleled experience. From the tranquil Elk Lake Campground to the adventure-filled Cove Palisades State Park, each camping site offers a unique experience, connecting you to the natural splendor of Central Oregon.

Remember, as we bask in the beauty of these locations, it’s our responsibility to preserve them by following Leave No Trace principles. So, pack your gear, and get ready for an unforgettable outdoor adventure in the heart of Bend, Oregon.