The 5 Best Places To Rent A PNW Cabin For The Weekend

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There’s nothing quite like a cabin in the woods to remind you just how lucky we are to live in the Pacific Northwest. That cabin ambiance makes you feel like you’re closer to Mother Nature and farther from the hassles of the Big City or your everyday work life.

There are dozens of great resorts offering cabins in various locations throughout the Northwest, whether it be on a mountain lake or by the sea. We’ve put together a short list of five of our favorite places to rent a cabin.

Where To Rent A Cabin In The Pacific Northwest (5 Places)

Patterson Lake

Patterson Lake near Winthrop Washington

Patterson Lake is near Winthrop in North Central Washington. The Patterson Lake Cabins are nestled in a cottonwood grove on a pristine lakefront just 1.2 miles below Sun Mountain Lodge.

These cabins come in different sizes — there are one-bedroom units as well as loft suites and what they call grand suites. The cabins are fully equipped with air conditioning, full kitchens with cooking utensils, a microwave and dishwasher, gas fireplaces, and large front porches overlooking the lake.

The larger units are great for families with a common area that includes a large children’s play area and barbecue facilities, as well as lots of small boats for rent. The cabins are part of the Sun Mountain Lodge resort area and the views in this part of North Central Washington are amazing.

The Wild West town of Winthrop, with its western storefronts and historical flavor, is just a short drive from the resort and cabins. The town has lots of good restaurants and colorful shops to make for a fun family outing.

Snug Harbor Resort

The San Juan Islands are the perfect location to enjoy a Northwest-style cabin — especially one like those you find at Snug Harbor Resort, with its scenic location and ambiance.

Snug Harbor has been around for years, but it’s undergone a startling and very impressive re-birth. The impressive grounds now include 13 cedar cabins that were added to the property just a few years ago.

These updated buildings feature one and two-bedroom units and there are also larger suites. The cabins are beautiful, with spectacular interiors, expansive glass windows, vaulted ceilings, full kitchens, and gas fireplaces.

The cabins are located in a gorgeous spot, along the shores of tranquil Mitchell Bay on the Northwest side of San Juan Island. Each unit has a stunning view of the water. They’re just 20 minutes or so from the state ferry dock in Friday Harbor, and close to another San Juans favorite, Roche Harbor. And, as you might have guessed, there are lots of water activities available at Snug Harbor. The marina offers guests complimentary paddleboards, kayaks and canoes, as well as bikes.

Mt. Baker Lodging

If you go east from Bellingham, you’ll venture into snow-topped mountains so dramatic they have been shown often in movies and on TV. The Mt. Baker Highway, in Northwest Washington, is about 57 miles to its end, although this particular cabin is near Maple Falls, less than half that distance from Bellingham. The cabin is just off Silver Lake Road — it sits all by itself with no neighbors. Hiking trails are nearby and ideal for a quiet weekend in the woods.

This chalet-style building has a bathroom, a small kitchen and dining area, and a comfortable couch and easy chair for TV or for curling up by the fireplace. Upstairs are three small bedrooms.

This is just one of the cabins offered by Mt. Baker Lodging, and all are situated to take full advantage of the incredibly beautiful mountain scenery in this part of the state.

Iron Springs Resort

At Iron Springs Resort in Copalis, Washington, you’ll find 24 private retreats with all the modern fixtures and conveniences you can imagine for a coastal cabin. The resort has been a favorite with many Northwest residents who, for decades, would plan regular family outings to one of the best beach locations on the Washington coast.

The cabins are spread throughout 20 acres of hillside property with every cabin having its own dramatic view of the Pacific Ocean and the wide, flat beach below. The heavily wooded property is like staying at the edge of a forest — and is quite spectacular.

The cabins are quite elaborate and in the past few years have been completely updated. But the best part of Iron Springs is the location — the coast along this part of Southwest Washington offers some of the most dramatic ocean views in the state.

The Iron Springs Resort has been a favorite with many Northwest residents who, for decades, would plan regular family outings to one of the best beach locations on the Washington coast.


Kalaloch Lodge and its cabins are out on the Olympic Peninsula and this is one of the few lodgings in the Pacific Northwest nowadays where you have no in-room phones or internet service. But that’s a GOOD thing for someone who really wants to experience the Great Outdoors.

Out on the Olympic Peninsula, it’s all about rain forests and incredibly scenic beaches where you can explore for hours while the surf pounds nearby, and the only other sounds you’ll hear are the hungry seagulls.

Tree on Kalaloch Beach

Kalaloch is the only such lodging on about a 75-mile stretch of pristine coastline. The cabins are positioned perfectly out on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, where it’s just a short walk down to the beach.

Visitors enjoy the simplicity of Kalaloch — a simple cabin with a living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom that features million-dollar views of the coastline.


At the end of the day, finding a cabin resort in the PNW really isn’t that hard. In an area that is known for its terrific scenery and outdoor opportunities, there are cabins and yurts around every corner.

So pick the area you want to visit and I’m sure there are cabins to be had! Assuming they’re not all rented out, of course.