5 Awesome Historic Towns To Visit In Washington State

After spending time in the eastern United States I’m always a bit surprised when I come back to the PNW and find out how recent “history” is here. The oldest towns in the PNW aren’t much older than the house I lived in while in Virginia. However, that’s now to say that the PNW doesn’t …

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7 Haunted Places In Washington (That You Should Visit)

If you’re visiting Seattle and are into ghostly sightings I’ll just go ahead and save you some money. Seattle’s ghost tours are very tame. Unless it includes a pub crawl you’ll be hard-pressed to have any fun at all, let alone get spooked. In fact, Seattle’s underground tour was slightly more spooky than the ghost …

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5 Unusual Glamping Options In British Columbia (No Tents…)

When it comes to the PNW, things just keep getting better as you go north. Northern California? Meh. Oregon? You’re getting warmer. But as you move through Washington and into British Columbia you start getting into the most concentrated “Pacific-Northwest-ness” that you can find. Majestic, green, beautiful, everything that the southern part of the PNW …

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The 5 Best Adventure Trips In The PNW For Families

If you’re looking for adventure then the PNW is where you want to be. Nearly every type of outdoor adrenaline-pumping activity is right at your fingertips. And then you have kids. If you have some little gremlins running around it drastically changes the meaning of “adventure trip.” Sure, I will introduce my kids to all …

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