A Guide to Cannon Beach Public Parking and Beach Access

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Cannon Beach, located on the Oregon Coast, is a popular destination for visitors looking to enjoy the pristine shoreline and stunning views. In order to make the most of your trip to this picturesque coastal town, it’s important to know about the available public parking and beach access points to ensure a hassle-free experience.

We understand that accessibility is a key factor when planning a trip. With 44 public beach access points in Cannon Beach, visitors will find a variety of options to choose from. One notable parking location is near Mo’s restaurant at Tolovana, which offers a large lot right along the beach. Another option is the smaller lot across from the Surfsand Resort, which also provides convenient access to the shoreline.

In addition to these parking options, there are also beach accesses in the main downtown area, making it easy for visitors to explore the charming local businesses before or after a day at the beach. As you plan your trip to Cannon Beach, rest assured that there are ample parking and access options for enjoying the breathtaking scenery and activities this coastal destination has to offer.

Overview of Cannon Beach Public Parking and Beach Access

Cannon Beach, located on the Oregon Coast, is a popular tourist destination renowned for its beautiful beach, iconic Haystack Rock, and charming downtown area. To help visitors fully enjoy their time at Cannon Beach, multiple public parking options and beach access points are available.

We will discuss the various public parking options suitable for visiting Cannon Beach and the nearby beaches. One of the main public parking areas is near Mo’s restaurant at Tolovana, situated at the southern end of Cannon Beach. This large parking lot offers easy access to the beach, making it an ideal spot for visitors. Another public parking option can be found across from the Surfsand Resort, which is a smaller lot but still convenient for beachgoers [^1^].

Besides these parking areas, the City of Cannon Beach provides a parking map that highlights additional parking spots throughout the city. This map can help visitors find convenient parking close to their intended destinations.

As for beach access, Cannon Beach has 44 public access points to ensure that locals and tourists alike can easily reach the stunning coastline [^2^]. One ADA-accessible beach access point is available at Tolovana Wayside. Each access point varies in terms of ease and convenience, so it’s worth exploring them to find the best spot to enjoy the beach.

When visiting Cannon Beach or any of its parks and beaches, it’s important to be aware of local regulations and respect the natural environment. Haystack Rock, for example, is a National Wildlife Refuge, which hosts tide pools, seabird nesting spots, and other ecologically sensitive areas. Being mindful of these areas and observing any posted guidelines will help preserve Cannon Beach’s unique natural beauty and ensure that everyone can enjoy their visit.

We hope this information assists you in planning your visit to Cannon Beach and its breathtaking coastline on the Oregon Coast.

Parking Facilities in Cannon Beach

Public Parking Facilities

In Cannon Beach, there are several public parking facilities available for visitors. One of the popular parking spots is the lot near Mo’s restaurant at Tolovana. This large parking lot is conveniently located right along the beach. Another option is the smaller lot situated across from the Surfsand Resort. Moreover, there are parking spaces in the main downtown area, making it easy to access the beach and nearby attractions.

RV Parking Spaces

For those traveling by RV, ample parking is available at Tolovana Wayside. This parking area offers an expansive view of the Pacific Ocean, with the beach just steps away.

First-Come-First-Served Parking

All public parking spaces in Cannon Beach are available on a first-come-first-served basis. It is essential to arrive early during peak seasons to secure a spot. We recommend checking out the Cannon Beach parking map to find suitable parking locations for your visit.

ADA Compliant Parking

Cannon Beach strives to cater to all visitors, including those with disabilities. The Tolovana Wayside is an ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) accessible beach access point, making it a convenient and inclusive option for beachgoers.

Exploring the Coastal Area

Prominent Beaches

Cannon Beach offers a variety of stunning, sandy beaches along the Oregon Coast. Indian Beach is a popular destination with its tide pools and surfers catching Pacific Ocean waves. Nearby, you’ll find Haystack Rock, which towers over the adjacent Crescent Beach. Further south lie Arcadia Beach and Hug Point, both amazing locations to enjoy a peaceful picnic or take a walk at low tide. Last but not least, Short Sand Beach is a must-visit location, surrounded by lush forest and perfect for family outings.

Natural Trails

The coastal area boasts several beautiful trails where visitors can immerse themselves in the region’s natural beauty. Some of the most popular trails include:

  • Indian Beach Trail: Leads hikers along the coastline and through the forest
  • Crescent Beach Trail: A moderately challenging hike with breathtaking views of Haystack Rock
  • Hug Point Trail: Offers scenic views of the cliffs and coastline as well as access to Hug Point State Recreation Site
  • Short Sand Beach Trail: Takes hikers along a picturesque route to the secluded beach

Unique Landmarks

The area around Cannon Beach also includes several fascinating landmarks. The majestic Haystack Rock is an iconic rock formation that attracts both tourists and locals alike. Besides, the historic Tillamook Rock Lighthouse holds the title of the westernmost lighthouse in Oregon, perched on a small, rocky island and accessible only by kayak or boat tours.

Points with Scenic Views

Cannon Beach offers numerous vantage points to enjoy panoramic views of the Oregon Coast and the Pacific Ocean. One such spot is Silver Point, where visitors can marvel at the surrounding rock formations and sweeping vistas of the coastline. Other locations along the coast present equally captivating scenes, encompassing lush forests, sandy beaches, and the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean.

Downtown Amenities and Facilities

Essential Public Facilities

In downtown Cannon Beach, we have a variety of essential public facilities to make your visit comfortable and enjoyable. Several public restrooms are available throughout the area for your convenience. For groceries and essential items, the Mariner Market is a great option.

Food and Dining Options

Cannon Beach offers a wide range of food and dining options to satisfy your taste buds. One popular location is Mo’s Restaurant at Tolovana, famous for its delicious clam chowder. The restaurant is located near a large public parking lot, so you can easily enjoy a meal right by the beach. In addition to Mo’s, there are plenty of other eateries offering diverse culinary experiences, from seafood to international cuisine.

Shopping Venues

After enjoying the beautiful beach and indulging in some local food, take a stroll through downtown and explore the charming shopping venues. You’ll find a mix of unique boutiques, art galleries, and specialty shops, perfect for finding souvenirs or gifts. Moreover, there is accessible public parking available, making it convenient for visitors to explore the downtown area.

To fully experience the best of Cannon Beach, we recommend taking a walk from the Gower Street beach access, located in midtown, and heading north towards the downtown area. In roughly 10 minutes, you’ll find yourself immersed in the heart of Cannon Beach with all its amenities and facilities at your disposal.

Understanding Local Regulations

As we explore Cannon Beach’s public parking and beach access, it’s important to be aware of local regulations. The City of Cannon Beach has set specific guidelines for parking and beach access to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all visitors.

In terms of parking, public parking in Cannon Beach is limited to day use only, meaning no overnight camping is allowed. There are several alternative options for parking if you plan to stay in the area for more than two hours. One popular option is the Midtown Parking Area, located at S. Hemlock and Gower, which also provides RV parking and is close to Haystack Rock.

Cannon Beach offers 44 public beach access points. It’s worth noting that not all access points are equally accessible. For example, the Tolovana Wayside is an ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) accessible beach access point.

Regarding law enforcement presence, the local police department is responsible for maintaining safety and compliance at the beach, parking areas, and access points. This includes enforcement of the local restrictions on fires, which can pose a potential hazard. Open fires may not be allowed during certain times of the year or in certain areas, so it’s important to check the city’s regulations before lighting a fire on the beach.

Lastly, it’s always good to remember the kind of behavior expected when visiting Cannon Beach. Just like any public forum, there are guidelines for conduct to guarantee a pleasant experience for everyone. Some basic rules include no glass containers, no smoking, and pet owners are expected to leash their pets and clean up after them.

In summary, staying informed about local regulations helps us enjoy the beautiful Cannon Beach while maintaining a safe and welcoming environment for all visitors.

Accommodation Around Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach offers a variety of accommodations to suit every traveler’s needs, ranging from luxurious hotels to affordable lodgings and rental options. In this section, we discuss these three categories to help you find the perfect stay on your visit to this beautiful coastal town.

Luxurious Hotels

For those who enjoy the finer things in life, Cannon Beach has several high-end hotels to choose from. One such option is the Surfsand Resort, boasting a prime beachfront location and offering an array of amenities. Another luxury option is the Hallmark Resort & Spa, which sits close to Cannon Beach’s famous landmark, Haystack Rock. Both of these hotels feature incredible ocean views and top-notch services to make your stay truly special.

Affordable Lodgings

If you’re traveling on a budget, worry not; there are plenty of affordable accommodations in and around Cannon Beach. Many of these options offer a comfortable and cozy environment, often featuring amenities like free Wi-Fi, complimentary breakfasts, and convenient access to beach attractions. While parking in town can be limited, it is generally free, making it easy to explore Cannon Beach on foot while leaving your car parked at your lodging.

Rental Options

For travelers seeking more privacy and flexibility during their stay, vacation rentals are an excellent choice. Cannon Beach has a range of beachfront rental options that cater to different preferences and group sizes. These rentals offer a true home-away-from-home experience, with spacious living quarters, fully-equipped kitchens, and, in many instances, breathtaking ocean views. Additionally, car rental services are available in the area, allowing you to explore Oregon’s picturesque coastline at your own pace.

We hope this guide helps you find the right accommodation for your Cannon Beach getaway. Happy travels!

Getting to Cannon Beach

Via Road

Cannon Beach is easily accessible by road, making it a popular destination for a classic road trip. Located on the North Oregon Coast, it is less than two hours’ drive (80 miles) from Portland and just under four hours from Seattle. This picturesque journey takes you through breathtaking landscapes, passing by the historic city of Astoria on your way to the coast.

When planning your road trip, consider the various access points and available parking options in Cannon Beach. Many public parking spaces can be found near popular beach areas. For example, Tolovana Wayside offers convenient parking and is ADA accessible. Alternatively, check out the Gower Street beach access in midtown, located just west of public parking and surrounded by popular resorts.

Via Cruise Ships

Another way to visit Cannon Beach is by cruise ship. Some cruises along the Pacific Northwest Coast include a stop in Astoria, a nearby city rich in history and culture. From Astoria, you can easily take a short trip to Cannon Beach and enjoy its pristine shores, dramatic rock formations, and charming seaside town atmosphere.

If you are arriving via cruise ship, be sure to plan your visit to Cannon Beach in advance. Look into available transportation options, such as shuttle services or car rentals, to get from Astoria to Cannon Beach. Once you arrive, there are 44 public beach access points along the coastline, with varying levels of accessibility.

In summary, whether you prefer a classic road trip from Portland or an adventure aboard a cruise ship, Cannon Beach offers a variety of options to reach its beautiful shores. Be prepared and enjoy your visit to this quintessential Oregon Coast destination.

Nearby Attractions and Day Trips

Cannon Beach offers a variety of exciting attractions and activities in the surrounding areas. In this section, we’ll cover some of the top destinations for state parks and golfing activities.

State Parks

There are several beautiful state parks near Cannon Beach that are perfect for day trips. One of our favorites is Ecola State Park, which boasts stunning coastal views, miles of hiking trails, and picturesque picnic spots. Another great option is Nehalem Bay State Park, located just a short drive north of Cannon Beach. This park provides beach access, camping accommodations, and a variety of recreational activities such as hiking and birdwatching.

If you’re interested in exploring more of the beautiful Oregon coastline, consider embarking on a hike on one of the many trails within these parks. The trail options range from easy strolls to more challenging treks, ensuring that there is something for every skill level.

Golfing Activities

For those looking to enjoy a day of golfing, the nearby area offers several options. In nearby Seaside, you’ll find Seaside Mini Golf, a fun and family-friendly miniature golf course that features challenging obstacles and beautifully landscaped grounds.

Additionally, there are a variety of full-sized golf courses within a short drive of Cannon Beach. Many of these courses provide stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and lush, well-maintained landscapes that make for an enjoyable and challenging day on the greens.

Wildlife and Natural Wonders

At Cannon Beach, we are fortunate to be surrounded by a diverse array of wildlife and natural wonders. One of the most captivating species found in the area are cougars. These elusive big cats are known to roam the forests and wetlands around the coast, making this an exciting destination for nature enthusiasts.

We are also proud to have a national wildlife refuge nearby. This refuge protects critical habitats for countless species and serves as an important stopover point for migratory birds, making it an ideal location for birdwatching. With a bit of patience, you can spot a variety of species, ranging from tiny songbirds to majestic birds of prey.

Tidepools are another unique feature of Cannon Beach, providing hours of exploration and entertainment. At low tide, we can observe various marine life species, including sea anemones, mussels, and countless colorful fish. These tidepools serve as microcosms of the vibrant underwater world just beyond the shoreline.

The area’s wetlands are teeming with plant and animal life, making them vital ecosystems for the region. They act as natural filters for water, providing habitat for various amphibians, fish, and birds. Exploring the wetlands allows us to better understand the complex web of life that exists along the coast.

Cannon Beach is also home to several species of puffins, including the charming Tufted Puffin. With their distinct appearance and playful demeanor, these birds are a must-see for visitors. They can be observed at Haystack Rock and other coastal areas, where they nest during the spring and summer months.

Our appreciation for the diverse wildlife and natural wonders at Cannon Beach makes us dedicated to preserving these areas for future generations. So come, explore, and witness firsthand the remarkable flora and fauna that make this area truly special.