Cloudraker Skybridge – Visiting Whistler’s Suspension Bridge

“Whistler is getting so boring. I wish they’d have some interesting new attractions” said no one ever. Despite no one clamoring for it, pretty much everything thrill-seeker in the area was thrilled when Whistler announced a new adrenaline-inducing attraction: one of the highest suspension bridges in North America. The Cloudraker Skybridge spans 427 feet over …

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5 Unusual Glamping Options In British Columbia (No Tents…)

When it comes to the PNW, things just keep getting better as you go north. Northern California? Meh. Oregon? You’re getting warmer. But as you move through Washington and into British Columbia you start getting into the most concentrated “Pacific-Northwest-ness” that you can find. Majestic, green, beautiful, everything that the southern part of the PNW …

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