Common Seashells Of The Oregon Coast (Identification Guide)

Despite having lived near the Oregon Coast I’ve never learned much about the ocean and the creatures that live in it. Sure, I love walking down the beach but, whenever my parents visit it’s like they expect me to have achieved marine biologist status just by proximity to the ocean. No, I don’t know what …

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Clear Jellyfish On The Oregon Coast (Identification Guide)

Last week, my entire extended family drove over to Astoria to visit one of the many beautiful beaches. My nieces were there and asked their favorite uncle (that’s me!) to take a walk with them down by the water. I agreed and we started walking down the beach when suddenly my older niece started running …

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Are There Lobsters On The Oregon Coast? (The Sad Truth)

I was babysitting my nieces the other day and their current favorite cartoon (which seems to change every few weeks!) is Garfield and Friends from the late 80s, which is very convenient for me because the first season is free on YouTube. We watched the episode where Jon is gifted a live lobster from Maine, …

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