Best Tiki Bars In Seattle (7 Options Worth A Night Out)

It used to be that Seattle was the perfect place to be if you wanted anything alternative. Now, however, that alternativeness seems to have solidified into a few different well-worn tropes that most people don’t leave. While this is comforting for some people, it means that anything that doesn’t fit in this narrow spectrum simply …

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Most Luxurious Hotels In Seattle – When Comfort Matters

Despite its long-standing reputation for a high cost of living, I’ve never found Seattle to be particularly luxurious. There are some excellent places to eat (better than Portland, anyway…) but many of the places to stay lack a level of refinement. However, I’ve stayed at enough hotels in the Seattle area (with and without family) …

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What Military Bases Are In Washington State? (Complete List)

Washington state has a long and storied history when it comes to military bases. Some of the first European settlements in the state were established as military outposts, and throughout the 19th century, forts were built to help protect against potential invasions from British or Native American forces. In the early 20th century, Washington became …

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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Geoducks In The PNW

Geoducks are interesting-looking clams that Pacific Northwesterners are particularly proud of (and the high-end Chinese diners are very fond of). But to someone that doesn’t know what a geoduck is, the term might sound like an episode from DuckTales. So, what is a geoduck? Geoducks are giant burrowing clams that can have siphons as large …

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