Most Common Wildflowers Of The Pacific Northwest (With Pics)

When most people think about the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, they think about mountains, rivers, and forests. However, they often overlook the wide variety of wildflowers that grow here. A wildflower is simply any flower that grows in the wild without human intervention. They are generally spread through bee pollination or spores that …

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Kayaking The Puget Sound – The 7 Best Spots To Explore

Whether you’re looking to get out of Seattle and experience nature, kayak with whales, or explore from Olympia your destination is the same: the Puget Sound. The Puget Sound has been drawing paddlers in for (literally) hundreds of years. These days this means that there are plenty of places on the Puget Sound where you …

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Does It Actually Rain A Lot In Seattle? (Or Is It Just Gray)

If there’s one thing everyone knows, it’s that it rains constantly in Seattle. That and the fact that Seattle-ites love their coffee. However, just because “everybody knows something” doesn’t make it anywhere near true. Despite many people considering Seattle to be one of the wettest cities on the west coast, its level of raininess is …

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