Seattle’s Winter Weather (What To Expect & What To Do)

If you enjoy traveling and particularly traveling at a discount, you may be considering a trip to Seattle in the winter. With fewer of your fellow visitors around hotel prices will be cheaper and the line at the Space Needle won’t be nearly as long. At least in theory. But you’ll also have to deal …

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8 Of The Darkest Serial Killers of Washington State (List)

Washington State is a relaxing place to live, with plenty of scenic natural parks and rugged mountain ranges. At least until the dreary Seattle rains kick in and everyone turns into a serial killer because of the lack of Vitamin D. Well, not really. Vitamin D deficiency is a serious issue but thankful the serial …

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9 Things To Do In Forks, Washington (The Only 9 Things…)

Everyone romanticizes small-town life. That is, everyone does except for those of us that grew up in small towns. Sure, there are the annual festivals, the quirky characters, and the quaint shops. But, other than that, there’s usually just a whole bunch of boredom, the smell of cows, and 40+ hour workweeks for sub-average pay. …

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Does It Actually Rain A Lot In Seattle? (Or Is It Just Gray)

If there’s one thing everyone knows, it’s that it rains constantly in Seattle. That and the fact that Seattle-ites love their coffee. However, just because “everybody knows something” doesn’t make it anywhere near true. Despite many people considering Seattle to be one of the wettest cities on the west coast, its level of raininess is …

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