9 Things To Do In Forks, Washington (The Only 9 Things…)

Everyone romanticizes small-town life. That is, everyone does except for those of us that grew up in small towns. Sure, there are the annual festivals, the quirky characters, and the quaint shops. But, other than that, there’s usually just a whole bunch of boredom and 40+ hour workweeks for sub-average pay. Forks, Washington is the …

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Best Coffee & Food Stops In The Seattle Airport (My Opinion)

If you’re rushing between flights, I won’t make you wait. Here is the cliff-notes version of the answer: Best Coffee: Starbucks or Peet’s. There are not really any artisan coffee joints at Sea-Tac. Best Quick Bite: Beecher’s Handmade Cheese (sandwiches, mac & cheese, or soup). Best Sit-Down Restaurant: Lucky Louie Fish Shack if you want …

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11 Mythical Creatures & Cryptids Of Washington & Oregon

Every region around the world has its own local mythology and collection of mythical creatures and cryptids. A “cryptid” is a creature who is said to be real, but whose existence has never been proven. Or, at very least, its existence can’t be disproven by science…which means that you can claim to pretty much have …

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