Cougar Creek Falls – Exploring Washington’s Hidden Waterfalls

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For this installment of Washington’s Hidden Waterfalls, we went on a trip to discover the beauty of Cougar Creek Falls, a stunning 111-foot-tall waterfall located along the Sloan Peak Trail in Washington’s Mountain Loop Highway area. This premier destination offers a unique waterfall experience, complete with lush greenery and picturesque surroundings.

Cougar Creek Falls – Quick Look

Waterfall Type: Curtain
Approach: Trail
Difficulty: Fairly Difficult
Location: Mountain Loop Highway
Height: 111 feet
Width: 20 feet
GPS: N48 04′ 26.71″ W121 19′ 29.52″
Elevation: 3052 feet
Nearby Waterfalls: Lower Cougar Creek Falls, Middle Cougar Creek Falls

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The Waterfall Itself

Cougar Creek Falls begins with a freefalling plunge that strikes the cliff face partway down, cascading in various directions and shapes. The surrounding area features moss, greenery, and large trees, creating a serene atmosphere. The falls also include a second tier just upstream, although access to this area may require difficult off-trail traversal.

How To Get There

To reach Cougar Creek Falls, drive along the Mountain Loop Highway and turn onto the North Fork Sauk Road. After about 4 miles, park at the Sloan Peak Trail on the south side and begin hiking up the trail. The 2-mile hike, though fairly difficult due to river crossings and steep terrain, is manageable for those in decent shape who take their time.

Other Hikes and Attractions Nearby

Cougar Creek Falls is part of a premier destination for waterfall lovers, with nearby attractions including Lower Cougar Creek Falls, and Middle Cougar Creek Falls.


Cougar Creek Falls offers a majestic and picturesque waterfall experience along the Sloan Peak Trail. Despite the challenging hike and potential access issues due to the lack of a bridge over the North Fork Sauk River, the breathtaking beauty of the falls and the surrounding area make it a rewarding adventure for nature enthusiasts.