Devil Creek Falls – Exploring Washington’s Hidden Waterfalls

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Nestled along the scenic Mountain Loop Highway in Washington, Devil’s Creek Falls offers a unique and picturesque stop for those seeking to admire the beauty of nature. Although not as well-known as other nearby waterfalls, this hidden gem is perfect for a quick detour on your way to St. Louis Falls.

Devil Creek Falls – Quick Look

Waterfall Type: Slide
Approach Type: Roadside
Difficulty: Very Easy
Location: Mountain Loop Highway, Washington
Height: 160 feet
Width: 10 feet
GPS Coordinates: N48 06.545, W121 34.26
Elevation: 2,500 feet
Nearby Waterfalls: Lower St. Louis Falls, St. Louis Falls

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The Waterfall Itself

The main attraction at Devil’s Creek Falls is the 25-foot tall cascading drop, which flows smoothly along the granite surface, creating a natural waterslide. Although the slide ends in a pile of logs and rocks, it is still a beautiful sight, with water kicking up “rooster tails” in a few spots. The waterfall is fed by a small creek, which consistently provides water throughout the year. Further upstream, additional sliding drops can be seen from the woods on the left side of the creek.

How To Get There

Devil’s Creek Falls is located along the Mountain Loop Highway, approximately a quarter-mile before Lower St. Louis Falls. It is easily visible from the road, making it a convenient stop for those passing by. To get a closer view of the falls, you can either scramble up the mass of logs or climb into the woods on the left side of the creek and then descend steeply down to the base of the falls. Keep in mind that the terrain can be slippery and challenging, so exercise caution during your adventure.

Other Hikes and Attractions Nearby

In addition to Devil’s Creek Falls, the Mountain Loop Highway offers access to several other waterfalls and attractions, including Lower St. Louis Falls and St. Louis Falls. These falls are more well-known and attract a larger number of visitors, making them a must-see when exploring the area.


While Devil’s Creek Falls may not be a prime destination on its own, its unique sliding cascade and convenient roadside location make it a worthwhile stop when exploring the waterfalls and natural beauty of Washington’s Mountain Loop Highway. With its breathtaking scenery and nearby attractions, this hidden gem provides an unforgettable experience for nature lovers and waterfall enthusiasts alike.