Edith Gorge Falls – Exploring Washington’s Hidden Waterfalls

Tucked away in the picturesque Mount Rainier National Park, Edith Gorge Falls is a beautiful tiered waterfall that offers a serene retreat for nature lovers. With its relatively easy access and proximity to other nearby attractions, Edith Gorge Falls is a must-visit destination for those exploring the park.

Edith Gorge Falls – Quick Look

Location: Mount Rainier National Park, Washington
Type: Tiered waterfall
Height: 40 feet
Width: 5 feet
Approach: Roadside
Difficulty: Very Easy
Coordinates: 46.79083, -121.73139
Elevation: 5451 feet
USGS Map: Mount Rainier East 7 1/2″
Watershed: Nisqually River
Stream: Edith Creek
Average Volume: 35.0 cu ft/sec

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The Waterfall Itself

Edith Gorge Falls is a small yet charming waterfall situated along Edith Creek. The creek runs through a narrow gorge, cascading down several steps with no single drop exceeding 30 feet in height. The falls are particularly beautiful in late spring and early summer when un-melted snow accumulates in the gorge, creating a stunning contrast against the lush greenery.

How To Get There

To reach Edith Gorge Falls, leave the parking lot for the Paradise Visitors’ Center and drive back towards SR 706. Shortly after leaving the lot, the road will cross over Edith Creek, with the falls just upstream. There are plenty of places to park and get out for a closer look. From the parking lots at Paradise, drive down the hill along the one-way Paradise Loop road for about 0.3 miles to the bridge spanning the end of the gorge and a turnout just beyond.

Other Hikes and Attractions Nearby

Edith Gorge Falls is conveniently located near several other waterfalls and attractions within a 5-mile radius.

Some of these include:

Additionally, Christine Falls, Fairy Falls, Martha Falls, Narada Falls, Picture Frame Falls, and Upper Sunbeam Falls are located within the Washington Cascades.


Edith Gorge Falls is a captivating destination in Mount Rainier National Park, offering visitors an easily accessible and peaceful waterfall experience. With its close proximity to other popular hikes and attractions, Edith Gorge Falls is the perfect addition to any trip to Mount Rainier National Park.