Best Hotel Options Near The Juneau Airport (My Experience)

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Flying into the Juneau Airport is an experience like no other. From stunning mountain views to the sounds of seabirds, it is the perfect way to arrive in Alaska’s capital city.

As you soar through the clouds, you can catch a glimpse of glaciers and snow-capped peaks – a true sign that you have arrived in this majestic part of America. The unique terrain surrounding Juneau Airport provides a truly memorable arrival.

However, what do you do once you’re on the ground? Unless you’re pretty hardcore then camping probably isn’t a great option for most of the year.

So you’ll need a hotel! Here are a few of the best options for hotels that are close to the Juneau Aiport (within walking distance, even).

A Few Things To Know About Juneau’s Hotels

If new to Juneau, there are a few things you should know before booking a hotel:

  • Other than a few outliers, most hotels in Juneau are either in the heart of downtown or near the airport on Glacier Highway.
  • There are several car rental companies at Juneau International Airport, including National, Enterprise, and Budget. The vehicles are in the back parking lot at the airport itself and do not require a shuttle to a separate parking lot.
  • If you’d like to avoid renting a car, Juneau’s bus system (Capital Transit) serves Glacier Highway and offers both regular and express service to downtown. Fares are $2 each way for adults, $1 for youth under 17, and children five and under ride free.
  • Every hotel on this list (except the Extended Stay) offers a free shuttle service to the airport. It’s also a quick walk if you’d prefer the exercise, with the farthest hotel being less than three-quarters of a mile away.
  • Free WiFi is also available at all Juneau hotels unless otherwise noted. Some do offer the option to upgrade to faster speeds, as noted below.
  • Due to the “Smokefree Alaska Bill” of 2018 and the city’s Clean Air Ordinance, smoking in hotel rooms is not allowed. However, all hotels listed have designated smoking areas with ashtrays outside.
  • Juneau’s Mendenhall Valley is also home to several Airbnbs, traditional bed and breakfasts, and the Mendenhall Campground.
  • The Airbnbs in Juneau are significantly more expensive than the hotels but can provide a cozier and more intimate atmosphere, as well as easier access to hiking trails and other location attractions.

Now, with those things in mind, let’s take a look at the best (and closest) hotels close to the airport in Juneau, Alaska!

Extended Stay America Suites

Looking out the window at Extended Stay America

Distance From Aiport: 900 ft (2 mins)
Address: 1800 Shell Simmons Drive
Rating: Two stars
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The Extended Stay America is just across the street from Juneau International Airport, about a two- or three-minute walk from baggage claim. It features a fitness room and a swimming pool, as well as an optional paid upgrade for faster WiFi speeds.

Every room has a small kitchen area and a grab-and-go breakfast is available every morning. Because of its convenient location, locals occasionally stay here before taking the 5:30 AM flight to Seattle. Room service is only once a week, but towels can be exchanged at the front desk.

Super 8 by Wyndham

View from the parking lot

Distance From Aiport: .7 miles (4 mins)
Address: 2295 Trout Street
Rating: Two stars
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Located a few blocks from the airport, the Super 8 is located near what locals call “The McNugget Intersection”, due to its proximity to McDonald’s and the Nugget Mall. It is also across the street from Breeze In, a liquor store whose grocery side is open 24 hours.

It has been described as a “no-frills” hotel whose main selling point is its location, as the mall is only about a five-minute walk. It is also the closest hotel to Juneau’s only Subway franchise, as well as the Canton Asian Bistro across the street.

Aspen Suites Hotel

Distance From Aiport: .7 miles (4 mins)
Address: 8400 Airport Boulevard
Rating: Three stars
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The Aspen Suites Hotel is the newest hotel near Juneau International Airport, having recently returned to the city after selling its former location to Extended Stay America in 2006.

It is most commonly used by travelers coming to Juneau for work, due to its corporate business center downstairs, although many tourists and leisure travelers stay here as well. As with the Extended Stay, room service is only once per week.

Travelodge by Wyndham

Distance From Aiport: .4 miles (3 mins)
Address: 9200 Glacier Highway
Rating: Two stars
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One of the most popular hotels in Juneau, the Travelodge is just a few blocks from the airport. Its star attraction is a Mexican restaurant and bar called “Mi Casa”, located on the hotel’s first floor. Their weekend brunch special has been a local favorite for many years.

The hotel also offers a pool and a workout room, although they are currently closed for renovations and no date has been set for their reopening. There is also a meeting room and a business center for corporate guests.

Best Western Country Lane Inn

Distance From Aiport: .5 miles (3 mins)
Address: 9300 Glacier Highway
Rating: Two stars
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The next building over from Travelodge is one of two Best Western locations near the airport, the Country Lane Inn. In addition to the standard amenities like their continental breakfast, they also offer a fish freezer to store your catches.

It is one of the less popular hotels near the airport, which provides a quieter setting. It is also one of the few that is more properly called a motel, as the doors are located outside the building instead of through a central hallway indoors.

Frontier Suites

Distance From Aiport: .6 miles (3 mins)
Address: 9400 Glacier Highway
Rating: Three stars
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Although Frontier Suites is one of the older hotels in Juneau, it has gone through several renovations and still has a modern feel. The first floor contains a restaurant that’s been a bit of a revolving door. It currently serves Filipino/American fusion cuisine.

There is also a Dominos Pizza in the parking lot, as well as an AT&T store. Across the street is a local coffee shop called “The Grind”. The building has a bit of a rustic feel, as it is one of Juneau’s older hotels.

Best Western – Grandma’s Feather Bed

Distance From Aiport: .7 miles (4 mins)
Address: 2358 Mendenhall Loop Road
Rating: Three stars
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A favorite of honeymooners and couples looking for a romantic getaway, the Best Western Grandma’s Feather Bed is built in the style of a Victorian farmhouse, which makes for a very different experience than a standard hotel.

This is a luxury option that is slightly more expensive than the others but well worth it, as their deluxe suites offer in-room whirlpool baths and complimentary guest passes to The Alaska Club, located about a mile away on Riverside Drive.

Granite Getaway

Distance From Aiport: 2 miles
Address: Rainbow Row
Rating: Two stars
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An Airbnb located just over two miles from Juneau International Airport, Granite Getaway is a bit more expensive than the rest of this list but offers a more cozy and intimate experience than a traditional hotel.

It is a two-bedroom, one-bathroom home located up a flight of outside stairs (the first story is a three-car garage). It is only about two miles from the Mendenhall Glacier and about a ten-minute walk to a convenience/liquor store called Duck Creek Market.

Thunder Mountain Place

Distance From Aiport: 2 miles
Address: Rainbow Row
Rating: Two stars
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Another Airbnb located right next to Granite Getaway, Thunder Mountain Place is the perfect location for a romantic weekend. Featuring three bedrooms and two bathrooms, this property can accommodate up to seven guests.

As the name suggests, it is directly under Thunder Mountain and less than two blocks away from a boardwalk trail that leads to the forest that eventually connects to the Under Thunder Trail and the Mendenhall Glacier.

Grandma’s Suite

Distance From Aiport: 2.5 miles
Address: Diane Road
Rating: Two stars
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This Airbnb is located near Mendenhall Loop Road, about halfway between the Mendenhall Glacier and Juneau International Airport. A one-bedroom suite with an attached bathroom, it is more modestly priced than the other Airbnbs on this list.

It is also just off Valley Boulevard, which is the trailhead for the just over two miles Under Thunder trail which follows the base of Thunder Mountain and ends at the Mendenhall Glacier. A wonderful walk for any hiking enthusiast!

Captain’s Quarters

Distance From Aiport: 3.5 miles
Address: Auke Bay Harbor Road
Rating: Two stars
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Our next Airbnb is a little over three miles from the airport in the city of Auke Bay, located a short walk from the University of Alaska Southeast. It is an excellent place to stay if you plan on renting a car and driving out the road.

This two-bedroom apartment is also about a mile from Auke Lake, which has a walking trail, a small dock, and is frequently used by swimmers, kayakers, and beach float users during the summer months.

Biker’s Bungalow

Distance From Aiport:
Address: Windfall Avenue/Mendenhall Loop Road
Rating: Three stars
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On the other side of Auke Lake on the stretch of Mendenhall Loop known locally as “The Back Loop”, Biker’s Bungalow is a one-bedroom Airbnb apartment located about a block from the Auke Lake Trail, which is very popular with joggers and dog walkers.

It is also about a mile from the Auke Bay Business District, which features several restaurants (including Chan’s Thai Kitchen), a cozy bar popular with fishermen called Squire’s Rest, a post office, and DeHart’s, a convenience/liquor store.

Precision Lodge

Distance From Aiport: 4.5 miles
Location: Mendenhall Loop Road (Back Loop)
Rating: Four stars
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Located a few houses down from Biker’s Bungalow, Precision Lodge is the most expensive in town (topping out at nearly $2,500 per night including the cleaning fee in the summer!) but is also the largest, as it features five bedrooms and can sleep up to nine people.

It is also about a mile from Auke Bay Harbor where one or two-person kayaks can be rented for all day or just a few hours. They can then be taken to nearby Auke Lake, which provides a perfect location for enjoying the amazing scenery the area has to offer.


As you can see, there is no shortage of places to stay while in Juneau! As the largest city in Southeast Alaska (and the most popular for tourists) it has lodging well figured out!

Which just leaves it up to you to decide on one! Now, if it’s not important to you to stay super close to the airport, you can see our broader list that includes all the best hotels in the entire city of Juneau. See you out there!