What Peaks Surround Mount Rainier? (Labeled Panoramic Map)

Nearly everyone in the Pacific Northwest is familiar with Mount Rainier.

Whether you’re one of us who feels like you should probably go climb it or just love the see it there’s no doubt that its iconic shape is well-loved in the area.

However, such love for Rainier itself has led to many of the spectacular peaks around it being neglected.

Within Mount Rainier National Park there are dozens of note-worthy named peaks that deserve a bit more recognition than they get.

So, to bring you up to speed and make you look super smart next time you’re looking at the Rainier skyline, I figured we’d go ahead and share this labeled panorama of Mount Rainier and the surrounding range so you can know exactly what you’re looking at.

Do note that we didn’t just include peaks. We also included some features of the mountains and valleys so that you can more easily orient yourself whenever you heart of them.

Hopefully, this makes the rainier skyline a bit less of a headscratcher!

As the image is quite sizable you’ll probably want to give it a minute to load or even download the full-size image so you can zoom in.

Peaks Of Mount Rainier National Park

FeatureHeight – Feet (Meters)Height Rank
Wahpenayo Peak6,231 ft (1,899 m)15
Chutla Peak6,007 ft (1,829 m)19
Eagle Peak5,958 ft (1,816 m)20
Mount Wow6,040 ft (1,841 m)17
Plummer Peak6,374 ft (1,943 m)14
Mount Ararat6,010 ft (1,832 m)18
Pinnacle Peak6,562 ft (2,000 m)12
The Castle6,440 ft (1,960 m)13
Pyramid Peak6,937 ft (2,114 m)9
Glacier Island7,690 ft (2,344 m)7
Success RidgeN/A
Tahoma Cleaver9,436 ft (2,876 m)5
Point Success14,158 ft (4,315 m)2
Columbia Crest14,411 ft (4,392 m)1
Gibraltar Rock12,661 ft (3,859 m)3
Cathedral Rocks6,724 ft (2,050 m)11
Little Tahoma11,138 ft (3,395 m)4
Whitman Crest9,323 ft (2,842 m)6
Stevens RidgeN/A
Cowlitz Chimneys7,605 ft (2,318 m)8
Double Peak6,199 ft (1,889 m)16
Fifes Peaks (West)6,880 ft (2,097 m)10
Table Of Mt. Rainier Peak Panorama

Most Iconic Images Of Mt. Rainer & Surrounding Peaks

I guess saying “iconic images” is a bit self-important sounding. It would be more accurate to say that these are simply “normal images of the most iconic features”.

The Castle

Pyramid Peak

Pyramid Peak on a winter cross-country ski trip

Rainier’s Summit Crater

Mt. Rainier Glaciers

Crevasse in a glacier on Mount Rainier

Gibralter Rock

Skiing under Gibralter Rock while ascending Rainier

Cowlitz Chimneys

Cowlitz Chimneys under morning’s heavy cloud cover

I know that was a bit of a dump with no rhyme or reason but rest assured, it will become even more so next time I climb Rainier, and don’t forget my camera…

My Top Hikes In Mountain Rainier National Park

Mount Rainier National Park is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the United States…at least in my opinion.

If you’re lucky enough to be exploring the range on a clear day you’ll enjoy some jaw-dropping views of both Rainier and the surrounding valleys.

However, the massive scope of the park is a bit intimidating for those who aren’t used to running up massive peaks.

So where should you start? Well, here are a few of what I think are the best hikes in the park to sink your teeth into.

I’ve obviously left off some other iconic trails but I feel like these give a pretty decent exposure to all that Rainier has to offer. Enjoy!

Skyline Trail Loop

This 4-mile loop trail takes you along the ridge of Mt Rainier, offering stunning views of the surrounding area. The trail begins at Sunrise Visitor Center and can be completed as either a day hike or an overnight trip. You’ll traverse meadows dotted with wildflowers and mountain peaks blanketed with snow.

Comet Falls Trail

This 3.2-mile out-and-back trail offers some of the most breathtaking views in the park. You’ll pass by several cascading waterfalls on your way to Comet Falls, which stands a whopping 400 feet tall! The trail is relatively easy and passes through dense forest and open meadows before reaching its destination—a sight you won’t soon forget!

Fay Peak Trail

This 8-mile out-and-back trail offers some of the best views of Mt Rainier’s glaciers and valleys. The initial climb is difficult, but it’s well worth it when you reach the summit. Here, you’ll have sweeping panoramic views of Mt Rainier, along with nearby peaks like Adams and St Helens.

Round Pass Loop

This 8-mile loop trail is perfect for those looking for an adventure without too much elevation gain. The trail takes you through old-growth forests and past alpine lakes before reaching Round Pass—the highest point on the loop at 6500 feet above sea level. From here, you’ll have spectacular views of Mt Rainier’s glaciers and valleys below.

Sunrise Rim Trail

This 1.3-mile out-and-back trail takes hikers around Sunset Lake—one of the most beautiful spots in Mt Rainier National Park. Along the way, you’ll be treated to stunning views of the lake itself as well as sweeping vistas across Mt Rainier’s glaciers and valleys beyond it.

Wetmore Trail

This 5-mile out-and-back loop winds its way up to Wetmore Peak—the highest point in Mt Rainier National Park at 8400 feet above sea level! On this moderately difficult hike, you’ll get to experience all kinds of terrain from dense forest to rocky ridges and everything else in between! Plus, once you reach Wetmore Peak, you’ll be rewarded with some truly jaw-dropping views!

Fremont Lookout Trail

If you’re looking for something a bit less strenuous but no less rewarding than Wetmore Trail, then Fremont Lookout Trail might just be for you! This 3-mile out-and-back hike features a gentle grade most of the way up to Fremont Lookout—an old fire lookout tower that sits atop one of Mt Rainier’s highest points at 7800 feet above sea level! From here, you can take in sweeping 360-degree views across Big Meadow Valley below as well as distant peaks like Mount Baker!


Hopefully, the panorama was helpful to get your bearings, and the list of my favorite hikes was enough to motivate you to lace up your boots!

Whether it’s an easy stroll around Sunset Lake or a challenging trek up Wetmore Peak — there’s something for everyone who wants to explore Mt Rainer National Park’s diverse landscape.

So grab your hiking gear today and get ready for an unforgettable adventure through some truly breathtaking scenery (and impress your friend by naming all the peaks…)!

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