Photos Of The Pacific Northwest – Mendenhall Glacier

If you’re a photographer looking for a breathtaking adventure, look no further than the Mendenhall Glacier.

Located in Juneau, Alaska, this stunning glacier is a sight to behold. From its glimmering blue-green ice walls to its picturesque snow-capped mountains, the Mendenhall Glacier is an awe-inspiring natural wonder that will leave you breathless.

So, beyond the beauty, let’s explore why this glacier is such a popular destination for photographers, hikers, and travelers alike.

The Grandeur of the Glacier

The Mendenhall Glacier is truly something special. The 12-mile-long glacier has long been admired by locals and tourists alike for its majestic beauty and serene atmosphere.

The glacier stretches all the way from the Juneau Icefield to Mendenhall Lake, making it one of the most scenic spots in all of Alaska. Plus, with its stunning views of both glaciers and mountains, it’s easy to see why many consider it one of the best places to photograph in the entire state!

The Mendenhall Glacier isn’t just a beautiful spot—it’s also an excellent place for outdoor activities like hiking and camping. The area surrounding the glacier offers miles of trails perfect for day hikes or overnight trips with friends or family.

Photographers will have plenty of opportunities to get up close and personal with glacier bears and other forms of nature as they explore all that this area has to offer.

Mendenhall Glacier Photo Gallery

Opportunities For Unique Photos Of Mendenhall Glacier

With its unique landscapes and ever-changing conditions Mendenhall Glacier offers an amazing opportunity to capture some truly unique photos. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to capture that perfect photo while visiting the Mendenhall Glacier.

Take A Guided Tour

The best way to experience the glacier is on a guided tour. This will give you access to areas that are otherwise inaccessible and allow you to get close enough for some amazing shots.

The guides will have plenty of knowledge about the glacier and can help you find the best spots for taking pictures. We were even able to get a few shots that were off-limits to regular visitors as we could approach from a different (safer) direction.

Capture The Details

You don’t have to be standing right in front of the glacier to capture great photos. Look around you—there are plenty of interesting details that can make up an interesting composition!

For example, if you’re hiking along the shoreline, look for small ice chunks that have been washed up onto the beach or rocks covered in moss or lichen. Close-up shots like these can really bring out the unique beauty of this area.

To be blunt, there are billions of pictures of the glacier. Everyone who takes an Alaskan cruise snaps a hundred pictures here to show their disinterested relatives. So the more you can focus on the unusual rather than the macro the more unique your photos will likely be.

Try Different Angles

When shooting photos at Mendenhall Glacier, it pays off to think outside the box and try different angles.

Instead of just taking straight-on shots, try going up high or down low to change your perspective. Some diehard photographers take a boat out on the lake for some stunning aerial shots or head underground into one of its many ice caves for something even more unique.

When it comes to capturing photos at Mendenhall Glacier, there’s no shortage of opportunities. You’ll have to put in a bit of work if you want your photos to be truly unique, however.

So whether you choose to take part in a guided tour or explore on your own, there are plenty of ways to capture stunning images that show off this incredible natural wonder.

With its ever-changing conditions and unique landscapes, Mendenhall Glacier offers photographers an amazing chance to create one-of-a-kind photos they’ll remember forever!

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