Racehorse Falls – Exploring Washington’s Hidden Waterfalls

Nestled in the heart of Washington State, Racehorse Falls is a hidden gem offering breathtaking views and a serene atmosphere. This stunning series of waterfalls, located near Deming, is an ideal destination for hikers, nature lovers, and photographers alike.

The area boasts a collection of four distinct waterfalls, plunging a total of 139 feet through a relatively shallow gorge. With a fairly easy hike to reach the falls, Racehorse Falls is a must-see destination that you’ll want to add to your outdoor adventure list.

Racehorse Falls – Quick Look

Waterfall Type: Fan
Height: 139 feet
Width: 40 feet
Approach: Trail
Difficulty: Fairly Easy
Location: Mosquito Lake Road, near Deming, Washington
GPS: N48 52.692 W122 07.439
Elevation: 740 feet
Nearby Waterfalls: Triple Crown Falls, Upper Racehorse Falls, Welcome Valley Falls
Best Times to Visit: March through October
Dogs: Allowed on leash

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The Waterfall Itself

Racehorse Falls consists of four waterfalls, with the main waterfall being a fan-type fall with a height of 139 feet and a width of 40 feet. The creek plunges from below an undercut ledge, creating an impressive veil as the water fans out onto slanted bedrock. A small pool exists three-quarters of the way down the waterfall, and a larger pool at the bottom offers a refreshing swimming spot during warmer months.

How To Get There

To access Racehorse Falls, take the Mt. Baker Highway east from Bellingham, turn right onto Mosquito Lake Road, and then left onto North Fork Road.

After crossing Racehorse Creek on an old wooden bridge, continue along the road for half a mile and park at a pullout on the right. Find the trail heading into the woods and follow it for around half a mile until you hear the falls. From there, you should find several boot paths leading down to the falls, marked by blue ribbons on the trees.

The Hike

Racehorse Falls Trail, a 0.6-mile out-and-back trail, offers a moderately challenging hike with an average completion time of 14 minutes. The trail is great for birding, hiking, and walking. Dogs are welcome but must be on a leash. The best times to visit this trail are between March and October.

Other Hikes and Attractions Nearby

In addition to Racehorse Falls Trail, the area also features Racehorse Falls Loop, a 4.5-mile loop trail with a moderate difficulty level. This trail is great for hiking and offers a more secluded experience.

Other nearby waterfalls include Triple Crown Falls, Upper Racehorse Falls, and Welcome Valley Falls. These waterfalls provide additional opportunities for exploration and adventure in the surrounding area.


Racehorse Falls in Washington is a beautiful and captivating destination that offers visitors a chance to immerse themselves in nature and experience the power and serenity of cascading waterfalls. With its relatively easy access and a variety of nearby attractions, Racehorse Falls is an outdoor lover’s paradise that should not be missed.