Wells Creek Falls – Exploring Washington’s Hidden Waterfalls

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Wells Creek Falls, situated in the Mount Baker Wilderness in Washington, is a breathtaking waterfall that offers a serene and picturesque experience for nature lovers. This easily accessible waterfall is often confused with the much larger and less visited Mazama Falls. Wells Creek Falls is a must-visit spot for those seeking a peaceful getaway amidst the beauty of the Mount Baker area.

Wells Creek Falls – Quick Look

Waterfall Type: Plunge
Approach: Roadside
Difficulty: Very Easy
Location: Wells Creek Road
Height: 91 feet
Width: 15 feet
GPS Location: N48 51.926 W121 45.873
Elevation: 2613 feet
Road Closure: November through June
Nearby Waterfalls: Excelsior Falls, Landslide Falls, Lower Mazama Falls, Lower Wells Creek Falls, Mazama Falls, Middle Wells Creek Falls, Nooksack Falls, Sholes Creek Falls

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The Waterfall Itself

Wells Creek Falls is a classic plunge-type waterfall, with a 93-foot drop off a dark volcanic cliff into a lush amphitheater. The creek flows through a scenic trough between cliffs before joining the Bar Creek floodplain. Due to its size, Wells Creek often swells during late spring and early summer, enveloping the surrounding basin in a thick mist.

How To Get There

Follow the directions to Nooksack Falls and continue on Wells Creek Road for about 5 miles until it crosses Wells Creek. The falls can be seen from the road, but a clearer view requires walking up the creek for a short distance. Wells Creek Road is closed from November through June. To reach the falls, one must ford the creek at least once, though the difficulty of this task varies depending on the water level.

Other Hikes and Attractions Nearby

In addition to Wells Creek Falls, there are several other waterfalls in the area, including Sholes Creek Falls, Lasiocarpa Falls, Middle Sholes Creek Falls, Landslide Falls, Mazama Falls, Mercury Falls, Arbuthnet Lake Falls, Middle Wells Creek Falls, and Mazama Lake Falls. These falls are all within a 5-mile radius, providing visitors with ample opportunities for exploration and adventure.


Wells Creek Falls offers a spectacular and easily accessible experience for those seeking the serenity of nature in Washington’s Mount Baker Wilderness. With its impressive height, lush surroundings, and a multitude of nearby waterfalls, this gem of the Pacific Northwest is a must-visit destination for waterfall enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.