Hi! We’re Seth & Kirstie.

We’re a young couple that fell in love with the Pacific Northwest (and each other of course) and decided to share our love of it with the world!

We have two little girls and split our time between adventuring with them and chronicling our adventures here on the blog. We’re glad to have you on board!

Our Mission

On PacificUpperLeft we seek to be as helpful as possible to both those who are visiting the PNW and those who already live there.

We share trip reports, things to do, places to live, photography, and everything in between that will help convince the world of the beauty of the PNW!

Meet Our Team (Family…)

Seth Bywater
Seth Bywater

Seth has been the founder and editor of several lifestyle blogs. He now lends his time to running PacificUpperLeft under the umbrella of his digital media company A Publishing Company.

Kirstie Bywater
Kirstie Bywater

Kirstie is the heart and soul of this blog and our family.
She has two loves (besides Seth): literature and the Pacific Northwest. This blog gives her a chance to mix them both together!

The Monkeys

If you’re around here for long you’ll definitely see our girls! They don’t write on the site (yet) but do contribute their cuteness!

Growth & Future Plans

Since launching in 2022 it has been our intention to become the number 1 travel site for the Pacific Northwest.

To support that goal, we purchase competitor websites that we feel would be better served under the PacificUpperLeft family.

Our Acquisitions

NorthwestTravelAdvisor.com | (2022)
PortlandPicks.com | (2023)

Our Recent Trips & Posts