13 Uniquely Alaskan Slang Words & Phrases You Should Know

Alaskans, like people everywhere in the world, use certain words or phrases that only make sense to people who know what they mean. However, if you’re looking to move to Alaska or travel there you’ll probably want to read up on a few of these phrases so you don’t seem like a cheechako. While you’re …

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Seattle’s Winter Weather (What To Expect & What To Do)

If you enjoy traveling and particularly traveling at a discount, you may be considering a trip to Seattle in the winter. With fewer of your fellow visitors around hotel prices will be cheaper and the line at the Space Needle won’t be nearly as long. At least in theory. But you’ll also have to deal …

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Is It True That I Get Paid To Live In Alaska? How Much?

Ever since The Simpsons Movie came out on my friend’s birthday in 2007, I have been asked about the Alaska scenes in that movie and whether or not they were accurate. Specifically, I get asked about the line, “Welcome to Alaska! Here’s a thousand dollars!” spoken by the toll booth operator (voiced by Harry Shearer) …

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Is Alaska An LGBTQ-Friendly Place To Live & Travel? (Opinion)

If you’re part of the LGBTQ Community, you may be wondering if Alaska will be a friendly travel destination for you and your partner. And for good reason. As with any conservative right-leaning state, let’s just say that Alaska appears to be an “approach with caution” state. However, looks can be a bit deceiving. So …

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7 Of Alaska’s Darkest and Most Terrifying Serial Killers

Alaska has some of the most picturesque landscapes in the world, with rugged mountain ranges and beautiful glaciers. But some disturbing minds have used this harsh land as their hunting ground. Serial killers in Alaska have captured the interest of many tourists in the past years (especially when they meet Alaska’s mosquitos and almost lose …

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8 Of The Darkest Serial Killers of Washington State (List)

Washington State is a relaxing place to live, with plenty of scenic natural parks and rugged mountain ranges. At least until the dreary Seattle rains kick in and everyone turns into a serial killer because of the lack of Vitamin D. Well, not really. Vitamin D deficiency is a serious issue but thankful the serial …

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