Bastendorff Beach, Oregon – Lesser Known Beach Guide Series

Bastendorff Beach near Coos Bay is one of the more popular beaches in the area, but relative to the rest of the Oregon Coast, it still qualifies as a hidden gem. It’s certainly much less well-known than Cannon Beach or Tillamook Head, for example. Since it’s over a mile long, you should have no problem …

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Echo Beach, Oregon – Lesser Known Beaches Guide Series

Up next in our series of less popular beaches in Oregon is Echo Beach and its campground, which are both parts of the Rogue River–Siskiyou National Forest. It is such a hidden gem that it’s difficult to find a lot of information about it unless you’ve found someone who has actually been there (like I …

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Most Common Wildflowers Of The Pacific Northwest (With Pics)

When most people think about the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, they think about mountains, rivers, and forests. However, they often overlook the wide variety of wildflowers that grow here. A wildflower is simply any flower that grows in the wild without human intervention. They are generally spread through bee pollination or spores that …

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11 Best Places To Retire To In Oregon (According To Locals)

When most people (my parents included) start thinking about where they want to retire, the Pacific Northwest is a common destination. However, those who are retiring without boatloads of money quickly rule out Washington and Southeast Alaska because of their insane cost of living. Which leaves Oregon. So, assuming you are attracted by Oregon’s amazing …

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Poet’s Beach, Oregon – Lesser Known Beaches Guide Series

Today’s hidden gem beach in Oregon is another non-traditional location away from the Oregon Coast. Poet’s Beach is a manmade beach that was originally opened as a kayak launching point in 2000, although access was difficult and it was unpopular. In 2014, a group of volunteers with the Human Access Project submitted a proposal to …

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Tunnel Beach, Oregon – Lesser Known Beaches Guide Series

Have you ever spent all week planning a trip to the beach, only to find that it’s way too crowded and there’s not enough room? It’s the worst, right? That’s why I like to visit the hidden gem beaches on the Oregon Coast, especially unusual ones like Tunnel Beach near Tillamook. In 1926, the Rosenberg …

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