10 Things To Do In Yakutat, Alaska (Exploring S.E. Alaska)

One of the most fascinating communities in Alaska is Yakutat, at the very top of the Southeast Alaska panhandle. It is a small village of about 650 people and is technically speaking actually a Borough (the Alaskan equivalent of a county). It is both one of the largest county or county equivalents by area and …

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What Is Living In Washington State Like? 13 Pros & Cons

In my opinion, Washington state is one of the best vacation destinations in the contiguous United States. However, for many people, Washington is one of those “it’s alright to visit but I sure wouldn’t want to live there” places. So what’s it like to live in Washington State? As someone who has traveled extensively in …

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9 Things To Do When Visiting Angoon, Alaska

When most people hear the phrase “a town in Southeast Alaska,” Angoon will not be the first one that comes to their mind. After all, it’s a small Tlingit village of just under 500 people. Some people may remember the semi-viral internet music video “This is Angoon” by Eagles N Ravens from the early 2010s …

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Are There Scorpions In Oregon? What Kind & Where?

A friend of mine is coming down to visit me in Oregon next month and she asked me the other day if I had ever seen a scorpion while living down here or if we even have them at all. I told her that there are many species of insects and wildlife in the Pacific …

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